Property & Liability

Broad coverage and proactive lossprevention

Proof of Coverage

Coverage for the additional insured are applied only to the requirements within the written contract (or agreement) between the parties. Otherwise if there is no language in the contract, then all we are bound to provide is a generic certificate of coverage (see links below). There are two versions: one for districts with general liability, auto, property & WC coverage and the other for districts without WC coverage.

If there is a provision in the contract to be named as additional insured, please provide the information below. We will provide you with a copy upon completion.

  • Provide the Entity Name (as they wish to be listed in the certificate holder box)
  • Entity mailing address and email
  • A copy of the entire contract (or agreement)
  • Request for Certificate of Coverage

We ask that event requests be sent at least two weeks prior to event date. Please advise if your request requires immediate action for time-sensitive items and your request can be expedited.

Questions? Call or Email Lilia Morentin at (661) 636-4495 or

Please note that we have eliminated the need for Certificates to be issued between SISC members. Issuing certificates between SISC district members amounts to a district requesting coverage for which the both already have: same policy numbers, coverage limits, and excess carriers. Both districts are “named insured’s” within the SISC pool. Therefore, we encourage districts to use the generic certificate to verify SISC membership, which then verifies coverage. No further certificate or language is necessary.

Our Philosophy – “Schools Helping Schools”

Our Goal is to provide the best coverage and service to our members while keeping costs affordable and stable.

SISC is a Joint Powers Authority administered by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office, John G. Mendiburu, Superintendent


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