Schools Helping Schools

Building relationships to deliver innovative coverage
and services

Our Story

In 1978, public schools were facing rapidly rising workers’ comp rates and limited coverage alternatives. A few neighboring districts decided the best solution was to pool their risk and self-insure their coverage. Together, they formed SISC. Their venture was so successful, that in 1979 they formed property and liability and health benefit pools.

Eventually, word got out and other districts wanted to join. This kept happening. Today, SISC covers districts all over the state and our combined annual budgets total $2.5 billion dollars. We are now the largest public school pool in the U.S.

We’ve been on the cutting edge of public school insurance solutions for 40 years. And, led by a former school district superintendent, our legacy of “schools helping schools” lives on.

  1. Serve in the best interest of our member districts.
  2. Protect our pools by carefully analyzing any new risk before we accept it.
  3. Manage SISC funds as if they are our own.
  4. Build strong relationships with member districts, vendors and all stakeholders.
  5. Fuel our innovation with a deep understanding of and respect for the needs of public schools.
  6. Resist easy answers and insist on providing long-term solutions.
  7. Behave in such a manner that when people think of SISC they think of fairness, caring and integrity.


SISC Executive Staff

Our Philosophy – “Schools Helping Schools”

Our Goal is to provide the best coverage and service to our members while keeping costs affordable and stable.

SISC is a Joint Powers Authority administered by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office, John G. Mendiburu, Superintendent


2000 K Street Bakersfield, CA 93301