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IV. Student Management

1. Parents should be notified in advance of field trips and are required to sign permission slips.

2. Materials used in art and craft classes should be on the approved list from the Art and Creative Materials Institute. Education Code, Section 32060

3. Chemicals used in science classes should be evaluated for safety, age appropriateness, and should be purchased in the least amount required for one yearís curriculum.

4. Material Safety Data Sheets should be available for all art, craft, and science chemicals. CCR Title 8, Section 5194 (g)

5. Science experiments/labs should be evaluated and determined to be the least hazardous method of demonstrating the learning objective and are age-appropriate.

6. All art, craft, and science chemicals should be kept in locations inaccessible to students (as per product label requirements).

7. In industrial arts classes, machines should be properly guarded and tools used as intended.

8. Safety should be taught as part of the curriculum in art, craft, science, and industrial arts classes. Students should be required to sign safety contracts, which are also signed by a parent/guardian.

9. Playground rules and appropriate behaviors should be taught and reinforced as part of the classroom curriculum.

a.Playground supervisors enforce rules and positive behaviors on the playground.

10. Students should be supervised at all times.

11. There should be a structured policy in place that outlines the parameters for administering medicines to students. Education Code, Sections 49423, 49480; CAC Title 5, Section 18170

12. Video cameras or bus monitors should be installed on buses to monitor students when appropriate.

13. There should be a plan that meets the required components of the Comprehensive School Safety Act (which primarily addresses school crime issues). Education Code 35294

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