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III. Employee and Volunteer Management

1. For prospective employees, there should be a formal, organized employment procedure established that includes: a written application, reference checks, and formal oral interview.

2. Pre-placement physicals should be conducted for certain positions that require increased physical ability such as bus drivers, special education aide, maintenance worker, food service worker, warehouse workers, etc. 29 CFR Part 1630

3. Job descriptions should outline specific education, experience, and ability requirements. 29 CFR Part 1630, U.S. EEOC ADA Technical Assistance Manual

a.Job descriptions should be current and reflect essential job functions pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

4. Applicants should not be placed in service until fingerprinted and background checks are complete. Education Code, Section 45125, AB 1612, AB 1610

5. There should be a formal process for accepting volunteer workers (i.e., reference/referral, fingerprint, driving record, etc.)

a.Volunteers should be supervised by a district employee.

b.Volunteers should receive the same level of training as employees who do the same task/job.

6. The district has a board resolution that declares volunteers to be deemed “employees” within the context of workersí compensation coverage. CA Labor Code 3364.5

7. All employees should receive training in the hazards specific to their job (when hired, as conditions change, and when hazards are recognized). CCR Title 8, Section 3203 (7)

8. Employees should be held accountable for their safety performance and should be subject to discipline when safe work practices are violated. CCR Title 8, Section 3203 (3) Such violations should be viewed as any other violation of district policy.

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