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II. Administration

1. Administration, management, principals, and supervisors should be held accountable for the safety performance and/or losses of their respective departments/employees.

2. Administration and management should demonstrate an active commitment to risk management. This can be accomplished by attendance at safety/in-service meetings, supporting a safety culture, and demonstrating an awareness of safety performance.

3. A budget should be established or funds made available to support the safety/risk management program.

4. There should be a formal system used for safety communication (i.e., bulletin boards, films, suggestion boxes, posters, etc.) CCR Title 8, Section 3203 (3)

5. There should be written safe work practices that are communicated to all employees. CCR Title 8, Section 3203

6. There should be a formal system to discipline employees who do not follow established safe and healthful work practices. CCR Title 8, Section 3203 (2)

7. The district should implement the components of SB 198 (Injury and Illness Prevention Program). CCR Title 8, Section 3203

8. Loss histories and costs analysis should be performed and the information used to mark trends, identify target areas, and to help develop loss prevention strategies and performance goals.

9. There should be written procedures to respond to emergency situations that are current (in compliance with the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and communicated to all employees. CCR Title 19, Division 2, Section 2400

a. Emergency response drills should be conducted with all staff (beyond the basic drop and cover drill).

Our Philosophy – “Schools Helping Schools”

Our Goal is to provide the best coverage and service to our members while keeping costs affordable and stable.

SISC is a Joint Powers Authority administered by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office, Mary C. Barlow, Superintendent


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